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Crossing Guadalcanal

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The Solomon Islands’ largest island, named after a small Spanish town, inspires many thoughts for many people. For historians it stirs visions of tens of thousands of American and Japanese troops battling for control of the Pacific during World War II. For nature lovers, it represents the home of countless rare species of birds, marsupials and reptiles. And for those fascinated by black magic, Guadalcanal is home to endlesskastom storis featuring an array of spirits that still inspire real terror.

But for me… it’s home. (For the past three years anyway.)

With my time in the Solomons – and on Guadalcanal – soon coming to an end, I decided to take up the challenge of completing a journey that I’d thought countless times about, but had been too wary of attempting: crossing the island. For three tough days me and five others trekked across this incredible island, from the tough, black sand beaches of the appropriately-named ‘Weathercoast’, through the seemingly impassable mountains of central Guadlacanal, and through the countless rivers and streams to the end point: the mouth of the Poha River.

The story is published in edition 58 of Solomons, the Solomon Airlines magazine.